Colette Machado

About The Client

Colette Machado is a PR consultant, based in London. Colette needed to have a online presence to present her PR services and to promote her vast experience in the PR industry. As Colette formerly worked for the BBC, it was important to her that she could have a website that could provide a lot of text information that potential clients could refer to, and also so that she could provide downloadable media.

Colette's website is in the 'one-page scrolling' format, which is especially functional for mobile phones. It features a lot of clean space between the sections to make the text content easier to absorb. It also features links to her previous articles, past clients, and even a contact form for quick queries.

Colette Machado website mockup

Client Feedback

Fantastic job… was a very smooth process… and just two days after it went live, an enquiry from a potential client popped up into my inbox! Result!