Start Your Own Business Academy

About The Client

Start Your Own Business Academy (SYOBA) is a start-up business consultancy, acting as a gateway to solutions and information for entrepreneurs who want to start and maintain their businesses. SYOBA's uses their website as their main information point and is crucial to their service delivery.

SYOBA needed an upgrade of their current self-built website to make their information more attractive and accessible, and to increase its online presence. The new SYOBA website needed to reflect changes in business direction and to accommodate regular article posting, similar to the website.

SYOBA old website layout


The self-built solution that SYOBA implemented was a WordPress website, using a theme from the WordPress repository. The website had plenty of useful information but was not categorised in a clear manner for the user. The website was also in need of design customisation that would suit the SYOBA brand.


I was able to provide SYOBA with a 'magazine' website, to reflect SYOBA's aim as being an information hub for topics relating to business. The new website features new articles posted at the top of the website, with the appropriate categorisation. Colour was injected into the design to make the website bright and fresh, to provide a sense of motivation for the user.

SYOBA new website layout

Client Feedback

Professionalism… clean sites… mobile friendly… plus she delivers more than what she gets paid for! Thank you so much!